Brand Strategy is the foundation and superstructure of all we do. It permeates visual expression and language; and shapes business decisions. Well-executed marketing programs drive up both revenue and profits. Brand marketing structures programs carefully to target attractive customer segments, create the desired image and strengthen your brand.

Today’s landscape for non-profit and small businesses is intensively competitive. Whether you’re attracting new customers, recruiting new members, communicating effectively with existing ones, increasing attendance at your conferences and events, or expanding your visibility and reputation, the quality and content of your communications is a key element to your success.

Sheri Robey Lapan LLC will build and execute an integrated marketing and creative solutions to make your outreach, campaigns and messaging engaging, sustainable, and successful. We will customize a plan for you to create imaging, branding & marketing, compelling websites and digital campaigns. With my help, your communications will outperform those of your competitors. Together we can build targeted marketing and creative solutions.

Sheri Robey Lapan LLC offers myriad services to include marketing, design, and web development. Small solutions can make a big impact and people are attracted to businesses they love and who serve them best.  That’s the Sheri Robey Lapan LLC promise.

Clients are partners.  We will know each other. 



Advertising can make your brand stand out from the crowd.


Full serve package, designed especially for your needs.


Building your online presence, from web design and development to SEO to eCommerce.


We’ll plan and manage your event planning process, and be on site to run the operations and back of the house, so you can host your guests.


A complete suite of creative services suite that will enhance your business.


Let’s wow you with how good we can make your brand look.

Let's work together to craft ideas that break brands from the ordinary.